Human Resource Management: The Most Neglected Field

Everybody belongs to an organization. In organization every resource are forced and managed towards achieving the main goal of the organization. These resources mainly are the machine, the money and the human. These resources are in every organization, no matter how big it is. And in many modern organizations, the leaders are struggling to complete their organization's goal. There is certainly no shortcut in managing an organization well. Most of the leaders are traditionally follow the path made by their former organization leader, and they also learn how to manage their organization by doing it directly.

But managing a great number of aspects from maintaining and repairing machines to fund raising and counseling employee is definitely needs a lot of competency. But unfortunately most managers are not being able to cover the whole aspect of management. The aspect that is generally have a full concentration of managers are the money and machines, and leave the human side far behind their priority. There are various reasons why they are failed to do so. In most cases I have observed in my country, the time problem is the main cause; managers are running out of time everyday. Their time has wasted for their millions dollar machines and obtaining more funding from the bank.

But in many other organization the problem is in the lack of competency of managers. Many managers are running away when they have to deal with human matters, they feel safer when they have to deal with technical machines problem.

This situation leads many organization into a declining productivity.

How a good Human Resource Management can create a brighter organization

As the most important asset, human resource in every organization is in fact an aspect, which can bring significant impact to the increase of organization's productivity, if it is managed well.

By managing their human resource properly, an organization can expect to reach any goals they are planned. Through a good management, an organization can have highly productive and highly satisfied workers. Both of them are complimentary, when a worker is satisfied, it is expected that they will be productive. And in the other way, when the workers are productive, then the organization can afford many supporting facilities that can enhance their worker's satisfaction.

The basic thing the an organization need to have in order to run their human resource management well is the definite goal and a clear mission of the organization. The goal and the mission are the foundation in arranging a scheme for the human resource activities.

Managing human resource covers the activities within the organization from hiring to terminating the employee in an organization. The whole activities must be done with the spirit of achieving the goal and completing the mission. For example, hiring employee must be in line with them. An organization with a goal to be the leader in computer technology will not hire the same characteristics of the employee hired by a traditional restaurant. They should find a more technology-adapted employee instead of a physically strong employee hired by the restaurant.

This goal and mission based management is also adapted into the other human resource activities within the organization.

The other important activities of human resource management are developing. The productivity of a worker within an organization is basically limitless, unlike the machines. So, a good scheme of developing the worker could lead an organization into an enormous increase of the productivity comprehensively. Developing human being is different with developing other resource. With human, there are feelings, interest and talent that we have to deal with.

The mechanism in developing human resource must consider those human aspects. Organization can not just push something that is not on the favor of the worker to be implemented. Through a better assessment to workers' needs and interests, the development schemes can be arranged toward a more mutual manner for both the organization and the workers.

The development should consist of any efforts towards the increasing of workers' competency to fulfill the needs of the organization.

The other important activities to be done are maintaining. Competent workers are too valuable to be ignored and then run away. The organization has spent a lot of resources to enhance their competency, so there must be something to be done in maintaining those workers to be able to contribute of their maximum of their capabilities.

Those are an overview of a neglected field in managing an organization. Through a good understanding and awareness of those human aspects, organization will be able to perform better in achieving their goal and accomplishing their mission.

Buffalo, July 24, 2000

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