Journey Into The Heart Of Borneo Jungle

I am a really lucky guy to be able to have a great trip to the forest area of Tane' Olen that is part of Setulang Village tribal forest area. It is located in a large conservation area of Malinau District, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. We move into the jungle driving on several off-road vehicles. Then walking along the Setulang small river, some of us were riding on boats. But the boats are not able to cruise smoothly because of the shallow water level. We have to drag them and push these boats to move forward.

The stoney river is just amazing. The big trees shadowing us on both sides of the river, feeling like hundreds of tall tree giants protecting us from the sun. Remember, we are in the purest Borneo jungle, the truly rain forest still left untouched in this world. Fortunately the weather is okay, shiny sun, no rain at all. The water level along the river is just fit to walk over. It takes 30 minutes driving with the car, then another 30 minutes walking and on the boat, to the forest station of Tane' Olen where we stop to have a lunch with Dayak cuisine.

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