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Mohamad Adriyanto has been on the Internet for quiet a long period. He has been active using the Net since 1995-1996. His first encounter with this new technology was at a promotion session from an ISP in Samarinda called MegaNet. The presentation and demo was done by Sandjaja Kosasih (RIP), a pioneer in the business of Internet from Samarinda.

Since then, Mohamad Adriyanto has been doing a lot of activities in the Internet including his effort with fellow HR practitioners in Human Resource Indonesia (HRI) and ASEANET. the Internet he used was very limited, mainly using his account at Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Groups, GeoCities, etc.

His interaction with the technology was then boosted further when he went abroad to study for his master's program in the USA for 2 years. He was a student assistant for 2 professors in The University of Akron during his 2-year-study. Among the tasks he did for the work was as an admin for WebCT, a propriatery learning management system used by the university. The work was done for Prof. Mary-Ann Rothermel. The other task he was given was a task to do research in the difussion of the Internet in Indonesia. It was a work for Prof. William Mchenry, an expert in the Internet study.

Back at home at 2003, he was then dedicating his life for educational work as a principal at SMK TI Airlangga, a vocational high school specializing on IT study. He also a lecturer and a consultant on the fild of IT, HR and education. At this point, his Internet world has a completely different face, it is called the Web 2.0. Blogging and social networking were among the main activities he did using the Internet. He also uses every occasion to promote the contribution of Indonesian to the increase of Internet intellectual capital in Indonesian language.

Up until today, he never stops exploring and trying to make the Internet as a enabling technology to bring the Indonesian life toward a better quality.

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